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Innovation That Fits Your Life

Twistwrist is an innovative take on the classic hands-free phone carrier. While other designs limit the use of the phone by the inconvenient placement on the body, Twistwrist allows you to use your phone any time, anywhere because it’s conveniently placed on your wrist. While in the past placement of hands-free phone carriers have been limited by the restriction of headphones, Twistwrist can be perfectly paired with a bluetooth headphone set making it much more visible to the user.

Twistwrist Tougher

For those who need the convenience of Twistwrist with added security, there is the industrial model. This variant allows 360 degree rotation but does not allow removal of the phone case segment. Ideal for those who work in rugged or demanding environments.

As Seen on Newswatch
Holding your phone while doing just about anything is a hassle. Watch this 1-minute video from Newswatch to see how the Twistwrist fits your lifestyle – whether you’re running, grocery shopping, cooking or completing a home project.

Hands Freedom for Any Activity


With the rise of bluetooth technology and headphones, hands-free phone carriers are no longer restricted by headphone cords! Twistwrist allows you to ride your bike, run, do yoga and more while still having access to your phone. Skip songs, read a text or check your map without having to stop and get your phone out. It’s always accessible on your wrist.


Keep your phone close at hand without having to hold it. Travel is stressful enough without having to constantly worry if you’ve lost your phone or search for it in your luggage. With Twistwrist, your phone is out of the way but still perfectly accessible when you need it. It’s also convenient for taking photos while you’re out adventuring!


Twistwrist is great for DIY projects! With the convenient wrist attachment, you don’t have to find a place to prop up your phone or set it down and keep going back and forth between your project and instructions on your phone. Twistwrist allows you to have your instructions conveniently open and available without hindering the use of your hands.

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