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Features | Twistwrist


Twistwrist Defined

Twistwrist is the only rotatable phone case you can wear on your wrist. Compared to the upper arm, the wrist does not change shape, size or hardness during physical activity. With the rise of bluetooth accessories, a more functional location is within reach. We’re no longer tied to corded headphones that force wearable phone cases on inconvenient locations, like the upper arm. The wrist is a convenient location that gives you the accessibility to your phone no matter what you’re doing. And paired with bluetooth headphones, you don’t lose out on any functionality, you only gain convenience.


360 degree rotation allows you to position the phone precisely for whatever position you are sitting or standing in. The rotational function also means that you do not have to remove the phone to take a photo or film something.


The case portion of the Twistwrist can be detached from the wrist clip so that you can put your phone in your pocket or purse without having to remove the wrist clip from your arm. This is useful for you if you need to charge your phone or mount it on your dashboard to legally view maps and directions.


The wrist location also places the phone in your line of sight most of the time. This is compared to an armband that is located on the upper arm, outside of the peripheral vision of most people.

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