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Safety and Legal - Twistwrist


Here at Twistwrist, we want you to be satisfied.

If your Twistwrist fails for any reason within the bounds of expected use, we will send you a replacement or refund.

Expected use is anything up to and including moderate physical activity. Running, cycling and resistance training (not Olympic-style) are prime examples of moderate physical activity. Some of the activities that do not count as expected use include but are not limited to:

Reaching into the tiger cage at the zoo (a damaged Twistwrist will be the least of your problems).

Wearing your Twistwrist during a boxing match…and you’re the boxer.

Sticking your hand out of a moving vehicle (we shouldn’t even have to mention that one).

Keep in mind that Twistwrist does not currently enclose your device completely. Use caution around solid or sharp objects that may damage your screen.

We also want you to remain healthy and uninjured. Since there is no way to think of every possible situation in which people may find themselves or to warn against every dangerous scenario, we are formally requesting that everyone who wears a Twistwrist maintain good judgment, common sense and situational awareness. Twistwrist and its parent company cannot be held liable for actions that do not include a modicum of the aforementioned qualities. Follow all existing laws and regulations for your country, state or municipality. Please think before acting, be aware of your surroundings and remember that only you can ensure your own safety.

All right, we’ve got that out of the way. Now have fun and enjoy Twistwristing!

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